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Rules Insights

These “Rules Insights” are intended to help clarify the rules for novices. They are not intended for complete newcomers to the game (try Ultimate in 10 Simple Rules), nor are they a replacement for reading the full rules.

Due to the non-officiated nature of Ultimate it is the players responsibility to have a reasonable understanding of the rules, these documents were intended to make the process of learning/teaching the rules easier.

They work best when introduced one at a time – perhaps over a series of weeks at practice or league.

Rules Insight 1: In or Out?

Rules Insight 2: Pulls

Rules Insight 3: Stalling

Rules Insight 4: Throwing fouls

Rules Insight 5: Catching Fouls

These “Rules Insights” are based on the official WFDF Ultimate Rules; these may differ from the UPA sanctioned rules.

You are free to print, copy or link to these documents, however please provide a credit to and drop us an email.

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