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The Original Rules of Ultimate

  1. Under equipment, the founding fathers wrote that “individual players may wear almost any aids they wish, including hats, helmets, or gloves as long as they do not endanger the safety of another player.” Also, no player was allowed to “carry any sort of stick, bat or racket.”
  2. Because the game was developed in a parking lot, the playing field was said to have “no lateral boundaries; however it is best to choose a field with natural boundaries created by a hill, a river or a wall.”
  3. Despite the perception that Ultimate was created as an anti-authoritarian alternative to mainstream sports, the first set of rules stated that “a referee or referees may officiate, and if so their decision must be final
  4. In the section on “Scoring,” they wrote, “A team is awarded one point for each goal legally scored, and there is no other way to gain points.”
  5. “A Note on Team Size” suggested that while “7 is the optimum number for each team, this sport can be played with as many as 20 or 30 for each team.”
  6. The founding fathers also suggested that “As proficiency with Ultimate Frisbee increases, a ’one-hand only’ version of the game can be tried.” Any player who used two hands to catch or trap the Frisbee would “forfeit” possession to the opposing team.



Article by Adam Zagoria.